September 11 - October 2 KNAW exhibition 'ASTRONOMY AND ART Oude Sterrenwacht Leiden

Group exhibition

I am one of the nominees, and I will exhibit my digital piece: 'A universal story of stories'

Awarded for the first prize is Roland Schimmel's 'BLACK SUN' (click this link)

Click here to see his works:

The award ceremony will take place on 11 September 2015 at the Oude Sterrewacht Leiden, Kaiserstraat 63 / Sterrenwachtlaan 11 in Leiden. The ceremony begins at 4 p.m. An exhibition devoted to Schimmel’s work and the work of the other Academy Prize nominees will be held at the same location from 11 September to 2 October.

BLACK SUN 2010, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 125 cm BY ROLAND SCHIMMEL

I will exhibit my digital painting 'A universal story of stories' 2014

120 x 120 cm Print on plexiglass

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