30th of May Je moet je leven veranderen

A performance which combines poetry, art-vj, animations, hiphop, philosophy and Eastern martial arts. By Marie van Vollenhoven (Artist), Kees Berkers (Musician) and Jan Smeets (Art-Scientist, Tai Chi teacher)

"You Have to Change Your Life" (Du mußt dein Leben ändern), is the title of the book written by one of the most influential contemporary philosophers from Germany: Peter Sloterdijk.

"No man ever steps in the same river twice" (Heraclitus). In order to live together on this small blue planet, without killing each other too much, human kind has changed itself during many centuries through systems of exercise and practice. In his condensed, poetic book "You Have to Change Your Life", philosopher Peter Sloterdijk examines why and how people always try to overcome their own shortcomings. From monasteries to fitness centres; art, science/philosophy, sports and religion have been the most important exercise systems in order to become the best version of ourselves.During the performance you will step into the river, an ever changing flow of music, movement, video art and philosophy. The language during the performance is Dutch.

May 30:

First show: afternoon / middag

Second show: evening/ avond





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