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In my works drawings, paintings and moving images are brought to life. 

It is a world full of wonderment, where it all connects: 

theatre, film, dance, music, visual art, philosophy, science, technology and society.


​I believe you should have a profound interest in different ways of thinking and in other people's specialisms. 

Have an open mind and engage on collaborations. This will add us a new transdisciplinary language that gives meaning to our times.

I see this approach as an example of how our contemporary society could function and how we could inspire one another.


Marie van Volenhoven (Amsterdam 1983) lives and works in Maastricht, the Netherlands, as an

independent artist, multimedia theatre maker and lecturer in the interdisciplinary art and design & technology department. 


Currently working on (2021)


Archive (2006 - 2020)




an on & offline collaborative space


Interactive platform, scientific publication, fine art series, workshops performances & lectures; In-Situ Atelier (Moss/Fredrikstad Norway), Residency Arthouse Messen, (Alvik, Norway) C-TAKT#5 Festival Cross Currents Festival (Maastricht), Borderlines Poetry Slam (Heerlen), Indie Legal Art Clinic (Maastricht), Eidolon Symposium (Hasselt) 

workshops: i.a. OBA Public Library (Amsterdam), Marres House for Culture (Maastricht), AZC Asylum seeker center

Grants / C-TAKT /  IMPACT - Interreg 2017 & 2018 

PAPIEREN LAND (Paper Land) | Midlenght movie 50 minutes

Movie. Genre: Arthouse / documentary 50 minutes


Festivals / screenings 

Nederlands Film Festival (world premiere), Dok Leipzig (international premiere) 

Kasseler Dokfest, Eindhoven film festival, Dokfest Maastricht, Limburgs Filmfestival, Millenium filmfestival Brussels


Interdisciplinary theatrical performances 



Jazz meetz Art (2010), Nanophony(2012) Infinity (2015/2016), Blackwhite Game (2017/2018), OPGETOGICA (2018), visual perfomer (2010 - 2019)

Venues & Festivals 

i.a Ludwig Forum, Theater Aan het Vrijthof, Van Eyck academy, Van Gogh museum, Melkweg Amsterdam, CCHA Hasselt, ECI Cultuurfabriek / Limburgfestival, Teatraal am Waal, Cross Currents, During Tefaf

EXHIBITIONS selection 

Solo & group exhibittions



National Gallery, (Skopje, Macedonia) TAC -Temporary Art Centre (Eindhoven), During Resonate (Belgrade), Bonnefanten museum (Maastricht), Rosalux (Berlin), Tetem (Enschede), Theater aan het Vrijthof (Maastricht), Galerie Echo Ann (Tokyo, Japan), Galerie Valeur (Nagoya, Japan) 


Collaborations with professionals and the audience


The Infinity Games, on & offline platform (2017 - ongoing)

Murals (commissions, ongoing)

Underground magazine BINK (2005-2006, 2010)


Financial support


C-TAKT Platform Transdisciplinair talent 2019 & 2020

IN SITU European Platform for artistic creation in public space

IMPACT - Interreg 2017 & 2018 

VIA ZUID TALENT PROGRAM 2016, 2017 & 2018

Foundations: i.a. Elisabeth Strouven, Huis voor de Kusnten, Brand Cultuur fonds


official recognition

KNAW Astronomy & Art prize 

Klokhuis Science Award

Dok Leipzig Young eyes award

Millenium filmfestival Brussels International Competition

Kasseler Dokfest Junges

MEDIA | selection


De Limburger



Theater Magazine Jeroen